The commando way

Selected as an international Vipassama children's course teacher::-)

Years ago, while I was doing my 12th at Indian School Kuwait, I came across the book, 'Far from the Madding Crowd' while glancing through the stacks of book in the school library. The title of this book evoked strange curiosity in me that I took it in my hand and turned it over and started reading the summary at the back cover with great curiosity (one reason could be that I try to avoid crowd as much as possible ;-)). I left the library with that thick book, knowing for sure that I was going to read it cover to cover. From the first page to the last, this book amazed me and I walked through the green pastures and woods, saw herds of sheep and felt the love of Gabriel Oak and admired Bathsheba. Thomas Hardy's narration of nature was so amazing that I could visualize the whole novel like a movie.

Yesterday, I watched the movie.It brought back all the intense emotions once again and I was awed by the cinematography depicting the beauty of English country side so beautifully. I left the theater with a feeling, a continuation of its initial deep impression in my heart years before!!

K2 first prize among 58 participants. All 58 did a wonderful job. :-)